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Adjumarllarl Rangers

Adjumarllarl Rangers have been operating for over 30 years, making them one of the Northern Territory’s first Indigenous ranger programs.

They manage an area of approximately 10,000 km2 at the gateway to northern Arnhem Land, in the Western Arnhem region around Gunbalanya. The region is rich in biodiversity including floodplains, savanna woodland and sandstone escarpment.

Adjumartllarl Rangers are at the frontline of managing invasive weed species and have worked determinedly over the years to ensure that highly flammable gamba grass – which burns three times as hot as native grasses and can render savanna burning projects ineligible - does not take move into Arnhem Land and take hold.

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Asset protection

In 2019, Adjumarllarl Rangers undertook an extensive program of early dry season on ground burning, complemented by APB.

West Arnhem Land Fire Abatement Project Area Map

With more than 2000 man hours going into early dry season fire management in 2019, Adjumarllarl delivered a comprehensive program of backburning and firebreaks that incorporated: all accessible tracks and roads, including the network of hunting and fishing tracks that criss-cross the outskirts of Gunbalanya; along natural barriers such as creeks and rivers; at and around cultural heritage sites and along the stone country escarpment edges.

Adjumarllarl’s operating area includes a number of homeland communities, and rangers ensured these communities were fireproofed by carefully installing mineral earth fire breaks and backburning around houses, schools, solar bores, water tanks and solar panels.

The impact of intense late dry season fires in the Adjumarllarl area was lessened thanks to Adjumarllarl Ranger’s strategic network of firebreaks, which served to halt the spread of many wildfires. Across all homeland communities within their area, houses and assets remained safe thanks to the preventative burning they performed.

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Savanna Burning Methodology

Savanna Burning Methodology

Australia’s vast and ecologically intact northern tropical savannas are extremely flammable, and fire is arguably the most important tool that Aboriginal people have for looking after country.

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